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Howler Monkey  
The tiny riverside community of Bermudan Landing is  situated approximately
six miles north of Burrell Boom Village. Once only accessible by hand operated
ferry, two sturdy iron bridges now extend over the deep river valley providing
a picturesque view of the lush vegetation and emerald waters below.

The area is rapidly becoming a popular tourist destination as home of the famous
Community Baboon Sanctuary , one of the few conservation facilities in the
region for the black howler monkey.

Baboon Sanctuary
(Jungle Exploration )

What to Bring:
Sun Block, hat, bug spray.
Suggested footwear:
Sneakers, comfortable
walking shoes.
Duration: 3 hrs
Water & all entrance fees
included. (ask about our lunch

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More information about the Howler Monkey

The Black Howler Monkey, known as the "baboon" lives in Belize and lives in the lowest layer of the forest. They are highly sociable. This monkey is the largest monkey in Belize and one of the largest in the Americas. Howler monkeys are vegetarians, feeding on flowers, fruits and leaves. They are 2' 30" plus their tail and weighs up to 15 lbs. This monkey lives up to 30 years in the wild and 20 in captivity. Throughout most of its range, the Howler Monkey is endangered from hunting and habitat destruction. Fortunately, Belize has a healthy population of these loudest of primates. Black howler monkeys live in troops of between 4 and 8 members. Each troop has its own territory in which it feeds and lives. The size of the territory depends on the size of the troop, ranging from 3 to 25 acres. Baboons defend this territory from other troops through the use of their voices. The howling is one of the loudest animal sounds in the tropical forest of Belize.

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